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  • RF4 Contact Us Email: rf4tools@Gmail.com Phone: +86 13414054070 
About Us
Kuai su li is committed to becoming customer-centric, covering microscope frames, customized services.
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Micro-view the world of things, add some clarity to your life, we are developing high-quality microscopes, we are working hard for progress in the microscope industry, we provide you with microscope knowledge, professional microscope design and production personnel, just for you to see the beauty of the world.
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Solder wire
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Company Profile
Kuai Su Li electronic equipment co., ltd. is a professional supplier of precision microscope, LCD laminating machine, welding platform and other professional maintenance tools. The company has 15 years of experience in the production of mobile phone maintenance tools, with innovative technology positioning, professional measurement equipment design team, rigorous manufacturing system, good service system. We specialize in manufacturing, sales and service to the communications industry. Our mission is to make mobile phone maintenance easier, adhering to the values of integrity, professionalism, enthusiasm and responsibility, Thanksgiving and win-win.
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