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Optical lense
Lens, reentrant branch mirror, window plate, scattering plate, polarizing optical element,
reflector, beam splitter mirror, filter, dividing plate/calibration plate, diffraction grating
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Optical lens
Lenses are made according to the law of light refraction. A lens is a refractor whose refracting surface is a transparent body of two spheres (part of a sphere), or a sphere (part of a sphere) of one plane. The images it produces are both real and virtual. Single lenses can generally be divided into two categories: convex lenses and concave lenses.
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Folding prism
A mirror is a polyhedron made of transparent materials (such as glass, crystal, etc.). It is widely used in optical instruments. Prisms can be divided into several types according to their properties and uses. For example, in the spectral instrument to decompose the composite light into the spectrum of the "dispersion prism", the more commonly used is equilateral prism, periscope, binoculars and other instruments to change the direction of the light, so as to adjust its imaging position called "total reflection prism", generally use a right Angle prism.
Suitable for applications requiring a Gaussian distribution of scattered light intensity, there are 220, 600 and 1500 mesh three polishing specifications, different purpose polishing surface specifications can achieve a variety of scattering applications from coarse to fine. Generally, coarse sand (220 mesh) can achieve a larger diffuse scattering, but the transmittance is low, while fine sand (600 mesh and 1500 mesh) has a lower diffuse scattering effect but a higher transmittance. When using and installing the scatterer, the frosted polishing surface should be away from the direction of the light source. Each finish specification is available in two sizes: 25.4mm and o50.8mm
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Window slice
Sapphire window, quartz glass window, calcium oxide window, parallel flat crystal, shear interferometer
According to the shape of the mirror can be divided into plane mirror, spherical mirror and aspherical mirror three kinds of mirror, according to the reflection material, can be divided into metal film mirror and dielectric film mirror. Metal mirrors are vacuum steamed on a highly polished substrate and then plated with silicon monoxide or magnesium nitride. In special applications, because the metal will cause the loss of the eye may be oxidized in a special environment, it can be replaced by a multi-layer dielectric film, which is the dielectric film mirror. The output power of the laser can be multiplied by the reflector with high reflectance.
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When the light wave passes through the polarizer, one of the orthogonal polarization components is strongly absorbed by the polarizer, and the other component is weakly absorbed, so the natural light can be converted into linearly polarized light with the polarizer. Compared with the polarizing prism, it allows a large incidence Angle and can be made into a larger aperture. Because of the selective absorption of energy, the polarizer cannot be used in high-power situations.
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Polarized optical element
The filter is divided into two kinds: absorption filter and interference filter. The former is the use of chemical erosion on a specific material substrate to position the absorption line at exactly the desired wavelength. Generally, the wavelength of transmission is longer, and it is used as an infrared filter. The latter is on a certain substrate, the vacuum coating method is alternately formed with a certain thickness of high refractive index or low refractive index metal-dielectric metal film, or a full dielectric film. A low order multistage series solid Fabry-Perot interferometer is constructed.
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Optical filter
Spectroscope is an optical device that can divide a beam of light into two beams, and is an important part in the middle of optical interferometer. Spectroscopic classification: according to the components: splitter flat plate, splitter prism according to polarization state: polarization splitter prism, depolarization splitter prism according to bandwidth: narrow band splitter prism, broadband splitter prism
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Diffraction grating
The dividing plate is a glass plate with different dividing patterns, which is often used as a "ruler" in the optical system for measuring and aiming the object to be measured.
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Division board/calibration board
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